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Power of Grandparents

GrandparentsGrandparents play an important Role in preventing their grandchildren from drinking and using drugs.  Children have a very special relationship with grandma and Grandpa.  That's why grandparents can be such powerful allies in helping keep a kid off drugs. 

While parents are generally recognized as the most important and long-lasting influence on children, grandparents have a close and special bond and often serve as an inspiration to their grandkids.  This unique relationship between grandparent and grandchild provides an ideal opportunity for sharing, connecting and discussing many important topics - including the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  

Did you know that by strengthening lines of communication and letting your grandchild know you care, you're building protective factors - which help you play an important role in deterring him or her from trying drugs and alcohol?  Here are 10 ways to have healthy, productive conversations with your grandchild:  

  1. It's important to talk with your grandchild.  A lot.  Take a walk or go for a drive with her.  When there's not much eye contact, she won't feel like she's under a microscope.
  2. Listen to your grandchild respectfully and without judgment.  if you'r less critical, he will feel he can trust you more. 
  3. Have conversations with your grandchild on a variety of topics - activities, friends, school, job, hobbies, current events, etc.  
  4. Strive for honest and direct communication.
  5. Listen to your grandchild's cares and concerns.  She will then feel more comfortable to open up to you when she needs advice.
  6. Take an active interest in the details of your grandchild's life.
  7. Take time to learn about your grandchild's hobbies - and share your skills as well.
  8. Give praise and positive feedback.
  9. Offer encouragement for achievements - both large and small - and be sure to attend at least some of your grandchild's activities so he knows what he's doing is important to you.  
  10. Let your grandchildren know that you are always there for him or her - no matter what happens.  Make sure that he or she knows to come to you for help or information. 

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