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Drug Trends in Medina County between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, as reported by the Medina County Drug Task Force on January 30, 2017. 

The greatest drug related threat in Medina County and the entire State of Ohio is the rise in the number of opiate related drug overdoses being experienced, both fatal and non-fatal.  In 2015- 218 opioid overdose cases were reported to law enforcement agencies in Medina County.  In 2016 that number increased to 258.  Agents are finding that the volume of heroin being used in the area has been replaced by the  more potent synthetic drug Fentanyl.  Fentanyl is much more potent than traditional heroin and can be directly related to the increase in overdoses experienced.  

Cocaine both powder and crack continue to make an increased return to the county.  These drugs are more prevalent in the Medina area.  Either form of cocaine is commonly being purchased for $100-$150 per gram.  

Methamphetamine has historically been found in the Wadsworth area.  Neighboring Summit County has consistently lead the state in the number of "One-Pot" methamphetamine labs discovered.  The newest trend being found in the southern portion of Medina County is the introduction of crystal methamphetamine.  Crystal meth looks like shards of glass or ice.  Crystal meth is rapidly replacing the homemade "One Pot" methamphetamine due to its purity and being much more affordable to meth users.  Methamphetamine has customarily sold for $100-$150 per gram.  Crystal methamphetamine is currently being found for $40 to $60 per gram.         

The legalization of marijuana in several states has had a significant impact on the state of Ohio and Medina County.  The illegal shipping of marijuana and marijuana derived products from states such as California, Colorado and Oregon into Ohio has become an emerging trend.  Several pounds of high-quality marijuana has been seized by agents through our parcel interdiction efforts.  The effects of legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio has yet to be determined.  The State is in the process of drafting regulations governing the manufacturing, distribution and prescribing requirements.  We are currently monitoring the process to remain cognizant of how the new regulations may impact the agency and Medina County as a whole.     

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