Medina County Drug Abuse Commission (MCDAC)
Medina County Drug Abuse Commission (MCDAC)

Enforcement. Prevention. Treatment.

Medina County Anti-Drug Levy
Drug Prevention

The Medina County Anti-Drug Levy provides funds to support drug prevention programs in every school district in Medina County.   

Drug Prevention Works!   Living Well Medina County , a collaboration of healthcare, government, education, business, nonprofit and faith communities in Medina County funded a 2012 Medina County Community Needs Assessment Report.

The results of this report indicated that youth in Medina County use less alcohol, tobacco and other drugs than youth across the State of Ohio, as well as across the country.   

 Medina County Youth Drug Use Medina County Youth Drug Use

Prevention Specialists in all Medina County Schools utilize evidenced-based drug prevention programming aimed at decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors.  

Go to the Medina County Schools section to learn about prevention programming in the schools and how to contact the Drug Prevention Specialist in your school district.  

Go to the Community Program section  to learn what the Family Assistance Coalition Team (FACT Program) in Brunswick and Spencer are doing in the community. 

"Parents have more influence over their child than friends, music, TV, the internet and celebrities"   Go to the Parent Section to learn how you can prevent your child from using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  

Teens CLICK HERE to find out what you know about drugs, then go to the Teen Section to get the facts. Say Know to drugs!   

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