Medina County Drug Abuse Commission (MCDAC)
Medina County Drug Abuse Commission (MCDAC)

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Medina County Anti-Drug Levy
Drug Enforcement

The Medina County Drug Task Force provides drug enforcement for the entire county of Medina.  An officer from the cities of Medina and Wadsworth are assigned full-time to work with the Drug Task Force Agents.  This makes for greater collaboration and cooperation among the Sheriff's Office and all police departments in Medina County.   

The Medina County Drug Task Force in Medina County addresses the supply-side of illegal drugs. Drug agents utilize mobile surveillance platforms, electronic telephone surveillance, computer aided analysis, videography, photography and electronic transmitting or tracking devices, as they follow leads provided by law enforcement and concerned citizens.

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To report drug activity in Medina County, click here to contact the Medina County Drug Task Force or call 330-725-9181.


The mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is to enforce the controlled substance laws and regulations of the United States.  For more information about the DEA, please click here

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Medina County Drug Task Force Outcomes:  7/1/16 to 12/31/16

Drug Task Force Agents maintain a constant working relationship with all local, state and federal law enforcement officers.  The intent is that by maintaining these relationships other officers will be more inclined to disseminate information and show a willingness to work more closely with Drug task Force agents.  During the last six months of 2016 DTF agents conducted liaison contacts with local state and federal law enforcement officers. 

Drug Task Force Agents conduct surveillance on known or suspected drug "hot spots".  Agents utilize uniform patrol officers from the various law enforcement agencies to conduct traffic stops on suspect vehicles to identify occupants, locate contraband and further their investigations.  This approach has proven to be a valuable tool in identifying drug traffickers and combating the flow of drugs.  During the last six months of 2016 25 interdiction traffic stops were conducted by uniform patrol officers at the request of DTF agents.  An additional 278 traffic stops were made by a Medina County deputy sheriff who was assigned full-time to the DTF to conduct highway interdiction enforcement.   

The number of diverted unit doses of medications is relative to the scope of the problem of prescription drug abuse.  Drug abusers are more frequently attempting acts of deception to obtain opiate based prescription medications.  In the last six months of 2016 a total of 69,344 doses of prescription medications were identified as being diverted.  

During the last six months of 2016 DTF agents and interdiction officers charged 105 different people with 181 criminal charges.  in addition 32 outstanding arrest warrants were served as a result of agency investigations.  

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